Voice from Students & Graduates


(Class of 2016)

Why did you choose HMBA?

The reason I entered HMBA is to study business and economics deeply while interacting with students who have a variety of backgrounds and come from different countries.

Even though I majored in business and economics in college, my college focused on the liberal arts, which made it difficult to learn about these subjects exclusively. This environment motivated me to enroll in graduate school in order to learn more about business and economics.

Due to having been influenced by books on accounting written by a professor of Hitotsubashi, I decided to go to Hitotsubashi graduate school. Furthermore, HMBA was attractive because students had a variety of backgrounds, including working experience.

How is your campus life at Hitotsubashi?

The days at HMBA are very stimulating. Every time in class I am inspired by excellent classmates. There are many group projects in the MBA course. Though it is sometimes difficult to reach an agreement when we have different opinions, it is very interesting to discuss with classmates who have different nationalities and experiences.

“Readings in Business Classics” (古典講読) was the most impressive class in this course. I learned ways to think logically and critically that I believe is essential for business through this class.

Please tell us about your workshop. What and how are you studying now?

I belong to the financial accounting workshop, and I am currently researching the relationship between accounting fraud and corporate governance. I am trying to ascertain features of corporate governance common to companies which have had accounting fraud. Members of the workshop make presentations about their research every two weeks. The professor and the other members of the workshop give some comments and advice to the presenter. The members’ comments always help me deepen my thoughts and gives me a new point of view.

Besides the usual sessions, we have been cultivating relationships by going for drinks, and having a study camp during summer vacation.

What is your goal in the future?

I am going to start my career at the finance department in a Japanese manufacturing company. I would like to convey the splendor of manufacturing in Japan all over the world through contributing to the company from a financial point of view. It would be great if I can utilize what I have learned and experienced at HMBA in the business field.

(December 7, 2015)