Voice from Students & Graduates

Ms. Jo Anne Phuan

Ms. Jo Anne Phuan
(International Student from Malaysia. Graduated in March, 2015)

Why did you enroll in the HMBA Program?

Having graduated with an IT degree and working in a consultancy role, I realized I needed to improve my management skills to excel further.

Hence, I decided to pursue MBA in order to fill the necessary gaps to enhance my career prospects.

The HMBA Program was my first choice because it offers a practical course that suits the current demands of the modern business environment.

On top of that, with the impeccable reputation of Hitotsubashi University in commerce and management, I was convinced of their ability to deliver academic excellence when I first enrolled for the program.

What did you learn in the HMBA?

Besides learning on the core business modules, the HMBA Program also challenged me in time management and intellectual thinking.

With strategic business-themed reports and case-study group discussions as assignments, I also developed my interpersonal and business analytical skills followed by a good understanding of the Japanese economy.

Also, with 'classic business reading' (古典講読) as one of the main highlights in this course, it helped me understand the history and core of management, which is what sets the HMBA Program above other courses.

What did you get from spending two years in the HMBA?

Albeit having spent many nights burning the midnight oil throughout the course, it was a crucial time of self-discovery where the lectures and assignments helped me rediscover my interests.

The course also helped me reflect about reshaping my future career path.

However, what mattered most to me, as an international student, was the privilege of being able to network and work hand-in-hand with my course mates from various industries, mostly coming from very established Japanese companies.

The whole experience was indeed an enriching and worthwhile investment.

How did your experiences in the HMBA affect your career?

The HMBA Program left a great impact on me and encouraged me to stay on in Japan to gain international working experience in a field entirely different from what I was initially doing.

Having found interest in finance, I aim to challenge myself in the insurance industry, with the objective of assisting Japanese conglomerates in their global expansion program.

I hope to be able to apply my knowledge and experience acquired during the HMBA Program as my solid foundation to excel in the challenging global business environment.