Our Campus

HMBA and the headquarters of Hitotsubashi University are located in Kunitachi, a small town in the suburbs of Tokyo. The environment of our campus and Kunitachi are truly impressive. In the center of the main campus there are a beautiful front garden and magnificent Romanesque buildings. The area surrounding the campus is a quiet residential zone.

Owing to the continuous efforts of residents in Kunitachi, an ideal town environment has been developed and maintained over many years. The area around our campus is designated as an official education district and so-called “adult entertainment businesses” are stringently regulated by relevant laws.

In such an excellent environment students can enjoy their campus life safely and comfortably and concentrate on studying.

History of Our Campus and Town, Kunitachi

There is an interesting history behind our lovely environment. The former main campus of the Tokyo University of Commerce, the predecessor of Hitotsubashi Univerisity, was located in a central area of Tokyo called Kanda Hitotsubashi. However, when the Great Kanto Earthquake occurred in 1923 almost all of the university's buildings were devastated. The president at the time started looking for a proper place to reconstruct and extend the campus of our university.

At about this time an entrepreneur, Yasujiro Tsutsumi, had the idea of creating an ideal town in  the suburbs of Tokyo, with a university in the center of the town. In order to realize his plan Mr. Tsutsumi invited our university to Kunitachi. In those days the current central area of the town was a wilderness with very few people about, and Mr. Tsutsumi took advantage of these conditions. He sent a subordinate to Germany to learn about the concept of a university town, and using the German town as a model he and his subordinates designed an ideal academic town from scratch in this wilderness. The basic design of our campus was coordinated with Mr. Tsutsumi’s master plan for the town.