Characteristics of the Curriculum

Developing Fundamental Thinking Capability about the Business World

The objective of HMBA is to cultivate professionals with strong analytical skills, based on systematic and theoretical knowledge.

In order to realize this objective we have created a “forum for innovative dialog” to encourage direct interactive dialog between real-world managers and university faculty. We also have a “theory oriented curriculum” in place that involves comprehensive coursework and intense reading of classic social science literature.

The following are the main characteristics of the curriculum:
1. Rich and Systematic Curriculum: Through a wide range of core and elective units, students systematically develop analytical capabilities.

2. Diverse Methods of Education: Diverse education methods are combined in an integrated manner, and include lectures, cases, fieldwork, and the writing of numerous papers.

3. Intense Interaction in a Close-knit Network of Students: Some of the core lectures in HMBA are conducted in a seminar style. Through intensive interaction in these small classes, students share common experiences and develop their own thinking.

4. Abundant Opportunities to Develop Management Capability on Philosophical and Historical Perspectives: There are numerous opportunities for students to independently set up problems, take classes from highly successful managers in the real world, and examine and study practical management philosophies.

This curriculum comprises a program of education that aims to produce, 10 to 20 years from now, a more vibrant and intellectual corporate society in the world.