Message from the Dean

To meet the requirements of today’s world, Japan needs a new type of business school. Hitotsubashi University has been on the forefront of business education in Japan since 1875. Drawing on this tradition, we have established a master of business administration (MBA) program to train business people and high-level professionals.

What makes our program unique is its goal of developing professionals who have a broad perspective – people who can analyze the various complex phenomena faced by real corporations and industries today and formulate solid measures to resolve them. For this reason, our curriculum places considerable priority on imparting a broad understanding of social science theory and philosophy as well as the interplay between abstract theory and real-world practice. We also give students an appreciation of the insight offered by history and historical social science literature. The program takes advantage of the benefits of the small-seminar format, one of Hitotsubashi University’s unique features and strengths.

We have thus created a program of education that is somewhat different from American and other MBA programs that emphasize general knowledge and skills. What Japan’s economy and society truly need are people who can think through management and corporate issues and analyze them using established theories. This conviction underlies our program philosophy. By creating a new Japanese-style business school that strikes a balance between practical knowledge and abstract theory, we hope to contribute to the sound development of Japan’s economy and society.


Toyohiko HACHIYA, Ph.D.
Dean of the Graduate School of Commerce and Management, Hitotsubashi University